WhatsApp’s new interesting features coming soon for all users


Mumbai: WhatsApp is working on a range of new features for its users. Thanks to its beta programme, we get a sneak peek at what’s coming to the platform. Just last week, a new ‘self-destructing’ messaging feature was spotted in the early version. But that’s not all. Let’s take a look at the top interesting features coming soon for WhatsApp users.

Self-destructing messages

WhatsApp is joining Signal, Snapchat and other instant messaging platforms to offer self-destructing messaging feature. As the name implies, it allows users to send a message with a timer. After a set time, the message will automatically vanish. The feature is likely to build upon the existing ‘delete for everyone’ feature which allows users to delete a message from the recipients’ side as well.

Hide muted Status

At the moment, WhatsApp allows users to hide a Status from a particular contact. The Status, however, still appears in the feed at the bottom. The messaging app will soon allow users to hide these muted Status from the feed altogether.

Dark mode

One of the most awaited features of WhatsApp, Dark Mode will allow users to invert the white colour theme. The feature has been spotted in several beta versions but hasn’t made it to the stable version yet. With Android 10 and iOS 13 enabling system-wide dark mode, we’re hopeful the feature will arrive sooner or later for all WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp multi-platform

WhatsApp allow you to use an app on desktop but it’s not a proper PC app. The instant messaging company is said to be working on standalone apps for PC and tablets. The feature will allow users to access the app through phone as well as the secondary device together. The feature will be different from WhatsApp Web which essentially mirrors your phone on the desktop. There are also rumours of WhatsApp working on a dedicated app for iPad which looks plausible after iPadOS launch.


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