Shahid Afridi backs Shoiab Akhtar’s Pak-India ODI series proposal


Mumbai: Pakistan’s former skipper Shahid Afridi is Disappointed with Kapil Dev’s response on Shoiab Akhtar statement. Afridi has backed his former teammate Akhtar’s proposal for an ODI series against India to help raise funds for the less privileged in their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shoaib Akhtar had recently suggested that a cricket match between India and Pakistan could be held to raise funds for the less privileged during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, his suggestion wasn’t met with a positive response from cricket legend Kapil Dev, who outrightly rejected the proposal saying that ‘India doesn’t need money’. Both the countries are currently in the midst of fighting the disease which has taken the lives of more than 1 lakh people worldwide.

Afridi said that he was surprised by the comments of Indian great Kapil and former IPL chairman, Rajeev Shukla, who outrightly dismissed Akhtar’s suggestion.

“The entire world is fighting against coronavirus and we need unity in our region to defeat this common enemy. Such negative comments don’t help at all,” Afridi said.

“I don’t see anything wrong with Shoaib Akhtar’s suggestion for Pakistan and India to play cricket.

“Kapil’s reaction has surprised me. I expected better from him and feel one should not talk like this in these crisis times.”Afridi said that he was also surprised at some of the “negative comments” Indian stars Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh’s support for his charity foundation attracted.

Sport is supposed to bring people together and build bridges. It is pretty disappointing. Afridi also urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to order the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to restore departmental cricket in the country to save the livelihood of hundreds of domestic players.

I myself played for the departments and witnessed how departments really salvaged domestic cricket in Pakistan and helped it thrive decade after decade.

Departments take good care of the players and spend lots of money on the development of domestic cricket, so how can departmental cricket hurt Pakistan cricket, questioned Afridi. He also questioned the PCB and the Pakistan team management for making a fitness of players a big issue.

“They are always talking about hard training and fitness tests. I have never seen fitness tests taken with such frequency and the result is that many players are getting injured and many of them are also unhappy with the situation.”


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