Sarah Taylor gets trolled by teammate Alexandra Hartley over new topless picture

Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor

London: English wicket-keeper Sarah Taylor has once again surprised her fans with her latest Instagram. In the picture, she teases fans with a nude picture, aesthetically shot, where she holds a bat.

Taylor captioned the picture as, “Waiting to go into bat like …”. Her post garnered mixed reactions but a teammate of her Alexandra Hartley subtly roasted Sarah with two comments. The first comment read, “How many naked games of cricket have you played?” It did not end there as she came up with another comment soon after the first one and it read, “When do you ever wait to bat without clothes on?”

Alexandra Hartley subtly roasts Sarah Taylor

Not long ago, Sarah who is known for her batting and wicketkeeping prowess had stood for a cause. She revealed that she is standing up and ready to speak about women empowerment. Recently, she is not a part of the English setup as she has been facing some personal problems. She has an anxiety disorder, something that has derailed her cricket career. However, that did not stop her from representing the Surrey Stars in the ongoing league in England.

Earlier, she took a break during the Women’s Ashes, saying, “I don’t want people to feel this is exactly the same. There are plenty of challenges I’ve overcome on the way but mental health is not something you ‘beat’.”

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In her latest post, she thanks Women’s Health UK for inviting her to take part in a seminar which addresses the women’s body problems. Initially, she wasn’t comfortable while shooting it, Sarah is now proud of herself for taking a bold step and also has a message for the other women.

The 30-year-old, who is a victim of mental illness like anxiety and stress, had to beat some of the health issues to become a part of the campaign raising awareness about the issue. However, she was uncomfortable while shooting the photo, but after pulling off the photoshoot, Sarah feels proud of her after performing such a bold action which conveys a message for other women.


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