Rajasthan: Man survives cobra bite after beating COVID, malaria and dengue


Jodhpur: A British charity worker is recovering from a potentially deadly cobra bite in Rajasthan after surviving coronavirus, malaria and dengue. Ian Jones was bitten by a cobra in a village in Jodhpur district on November 7 and was rushed to a hospital in Jodhpur city.

“He had blurred vision and was not in a condition to walk. Initially, we tested him for Covid but it came out negative. After a line of treatment for snake-bite, Jones was back on his feet within a week and was discharged on November 16,” Abhishek Tater, the doctor who treated Jones at Medipulse Hospital, Jodhpur, told IANS.

Jones helps local artisans in Rajasthan sell their goods through his social enterprise Sabirian. However, soon after his visit to India earlier this year, he was attacked by dengue. While he was recovering from dengue, he suffered from malaria. He had not recovered from malaria completely when he was infected by COVID-19.

Despite the health problems he faced, Jones continued to work for the charity Sabirian.

“Ian suffered the potentially fatal bite whilst at his Jodhpur base, where many of the local craftsmen and women that Sabirian supports live and work. He had moved out of the city so that he could continue to provide support during the pandemic and, because of travel restrictions, has been unable to travel home to his family,” as per a GoFundMe page raising funds for Ivan’s treatment.

Jones showed snake bite symptoms including blurring of vision and difficulty to walk, which doctors said are transient symptoms.

“Dad is a fighter, during his time out in India he had already suffered from Malaria and Dengue Fever even before COVID-19 and yet he had remained resolute in his determination to stay in the country and continue his work help the people that needed his support,” Jones’ son Seb Jones said in a statement.

“He had not been able to travel home due to the pandemic and as a family we understood his desire to continue to support the many people who relied on him,” he added.


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