Police commissioner of Mumbai’s retirement to extend for 3 months


Mumbai: Keeping the upcoming assembly elections in mind, and in order to maintain the law and order in the city, officials have taken a decision to extend Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Barve’s retirement by three more months. The decision was taken by the Home Department on Tuesday, as Sanjay Barve was scheduled to retire on August 31, 2019.

The Commissioner of Police, Sanjay Barve, is well known for his strict discipline and a clean image. After the former Police Commissioner Datta Padasalgikar was elected as the Director-General of Police, Barve was appointed as the Mumbai Police Commissioner. Six months later, Barve was expected to retire, but in a very short time, he held the office of Commissioner in a highly impressive manner. As per reports, the extension has not been confirmed yet, however, the approval has been sent to the ministry.

Barve is an IPS officer from the batch of 1987 and currently heads of the state intelligence department. Back in time, it is said that there were many names for the post of a commissioner, but Barve, with his integrity and kind of work, won Chief Minister’s heart by presenting accurate reports about the BJP that the BJP. He is known for being very intelligent and disciplined.


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