NRG’s Energy is Proof of Increasing Synergy Between India & US, Says PM


Houston: Prime Minister Narendra Modi backed Donald Trump for second term as US President as he said “abki baar Trump sarkar”. He is addressing over 50,000 Indian-Americans at ‘Howdy, Modi’ event in Houston’s NRG stadium. Modi was greeted Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and top US lawmakers as he arrived on stage amid cheers. Earlier, various groups participated in cultural programme and showcased different dance styles of India.

About two dozen governors and members of the US Congress are also attending the event. Democrat Steny Hoyer welcomed Prime Minister Modi and invoked Mahatma Gandhi and former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru in his speech. He said both Indians and Americans have the same purpose, growing the partnership between the two countries. Earlier, Trump said that he and his “friend” Modi will have a “good time” at the mega event. “Look forward to being with our great India loving community!” he tweeted.

“If data is available at affordable prices anywhere in the world, it is India. 1 gb data in India is available at nearly 25 cents. This ahs been possible under Digital India ,” says Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Howdy Modi in Houston. From e-governance to income tax returns, Modi says the cheap data has brought convenience to the people in India, Modi Said.

“On October 2, India will bid farewell to open defecation,” says Modi at Howdy Modi in Houston as he talks about government’s action against open defalcation.

“We are competing with ourselves.. We are challenging ourselves. We are changing ourselves and that is why we are on the path of development,” he says. “We are aiming high. We are achieving higher,” Modi says at the Howdy Modi event in Houston.

“First time in 60 years has it happened that a majority government came back to power in the second term with more vote share,”says Modi at Howdy Modi event in Houston as he talks about the Lok Sabha elections. He also talks about first-time voters and women voters.

Speaking at the Howdy Modi event in Houston, Modi gave a glimpse of diversity of India’s culture when he said “everything is fine” in several India languages like Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam. “Diversity is unity. This diversity is the core of India’s vibrant democracy, says PM Modi.


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