MPs should send our message the whole country is with the soldiers, says Modi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said members of Parliament have chosen to abide by their responsibility by turning up for the monsoon session. He also expressed hope that discussions on important issues will be taken up in the session and all MPs will send out a message “in one voice” that the whole country is standing behind the brave soldiers posted at the borders in difficult terrain.

Addressing the media ahead of the monsoon session, the Prime Minister said that the pandemic is still around but the MPs chose the path to duty. “I congratulate them and express gratitude to them. This time Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will be held at different times in a day. It will be held on Saturday and Sunday as well. And all the MPs have accepted this,” he said.

After the Budget session had to be cut short in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Parliament is reconvening for an 18-day session that will see business during staggered working hours.

While proceedings such as zero hour and question hour have been dropped in view of the shortened hours, the PM expressed hope that the House will raise important issues.

“There will be discussion on various issues and we have experience that in Lok Sabha, the whole country tends to benefit from the detailed and extensive discussions that take place. We will continue that great tradition and all MPs will add value to it,” he said.

As the issue of Chinese aggression along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is expected to dominate the session, the PM said the MPs should send out a message that the country is standing by its soldiers.

“This Parliament has a special duty; today our brave soldiers are at the borders with zeal and confidence in a difficult terrain, and soon it will begin to snow. They are there for the protection of the country, all MPs should send a message to the soldiers that the whole country is with them. All MPs in one voice will say they are standing behind the brave soldiers; I hope this message will go out,” he said.

The PM also urged the MPs and media personnel to abide by the protocol for social distancing. “In these circumstances, we will abide by the protocols; till there is a vaccine we cannot let down our guard. We are hopeful that our scientists are successful and we get the vaccine,” he said.


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