How to get a dark theme on WhatsApp Web easily


Mumbai: Everyone loves dark mode, which is why we have seen the feature roll down from custom Android skins to stock AOSP and even popular individual apps like WhatsApp. But many people use WhatsApp not just in their phones but also on their laptops, computers and tablets via WhatsApp Web. Well, this hack will teach you how to get dark mode on WhatsApp Web as well.

You will need a few things. You either need Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, updated to the latest versions. You will also need to install an extension called ‘Stylus’ that will allow WhatsApp Web theming on your browser. That’s it!

Step 1

Install the Stylus extension on your browser of choice between the latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2

Once the extension is successfully installed, restart your browser and go to this link.

Step 3

In the several themes you see, look for Dark Theme for WhatsApp Web that you like and hit ‘install style’.

Step 4

Open WhatsApp Web, or go back to a tab with it already open and hit reload. Bingo! You now have a dark theme for WhatsApp Web.

Now that you have a Whatsapp Web theme installed, try other templates for many popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, and even the Google Homepage. Just go to the same link, which is the ‘userstyles’ page, and search for the website you want to theme.


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