WhatsApp tricks to have the best messaging experience


Mumbai: WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps to date and depending on the type of use, one can make the most of  this platform.

There are a few features on WhatsApp that make the messaging experience worthwhile and interactive enough.

Custom notifications

There can be custom notifications for particular contacts, for instance, you can select individual and group chats on the app by tapping on a person’s profile and selecting the option of ‘custom notifications’.

One can change the notification tone, popup, light, vibration settings etc for an individual or a group.

See unknown contacts

One can also view the unknown numbers on WhatsApp by tapping on a profile and checking details. In a group chat, you can press for long a number and then it will popup a chat box in which you can easily see the contact details.

Two-step verification

Security is vitally important and WhatsApp provides a way of ensuring your chats and account details are secure.

Users can enable two-step verification on their accounts just like email settings. You can access this feature through settings.

Free up space

WhatsApp users store a lot of data on their accounts and the app’s data storage feature can lets users manually check and manage their data. Users can also see how much data has been exchanged with a certain user through the use of this feature and delete unnecessary data.


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