There were times I had only Rs 18 in my bank account says Rajkummar Rao


Mumbai: Much like some of the actors who started without the support of influence in the industry, Rajkummar Rao too had his own struggles in the initial days as an actor. Incidents like being rejected for a part, roles being edited from films, facing financial troubles while surviving in the city of dreams, Mumbai, the Made in China actor revealed details about the same in an interview with a publication.

Not many know this but Rajkummar Rao comes from a middle-class background. Turns out there were days when he didn’t even have the money to pay school fees and his teachers helped him through two years of this struggle. Then his aspirations to become a star brought him to Mumbai. Needless to say, the turbulent times continued as he lived in a small house in the city and literally lived from hand to mouth. There were times for the actor when he couldn’t even afford to eat food or buy enough clothes for himself.

“I needed around 15-20000 every month to survive and there were times I would get a notification that I have only 18 rupees left in my account,” he said. He also discussed the struggles he went through as he travelled in Mumbai on his bike and assumed rose water to be the best solution to look presentable for auditions.

The story does have a silver lining though because Rajkummar Rao is one of the most bankable stars with a strong fanbase of his own. He has even delivered box office hits and is doing phenomenally well for himself. The actor is gearing up for the release of his film, Made in China, which also stars Mouni Roy and Boman Irani in pivotal roles.


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