Oppn parties must join forces, BJP not unbeatable: Chidambaram


New Delhi/Chennai: After the JMM-Congress alliance in Jharkhand headed towards a majority, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Monday said the BJP is not unbeatable and urged opposition parties to join forces against the ruling saffron party.

Chidambaram, after taking part in a DMK-led rally against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Chennai, said his party was happy about the electoral outcome in Jharkhand.

“We are very happy and we congratulate and thank the people of Jharkhand for giving the JMM-Congress alliance an overwhelming mandate,” he told reporters at the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee headquarters.

The Congress-JMM alliance has been given a “resounding victory and we are very very happy,” he said.

“The BJP is not unbeatable. If all opposition parties rally together and understand the dangers faced by the country and come together; surely the BJP can be defeated and the BJP will be defeated in future elections also,” he said.

The BJP in the past about three months saw its electoral fortunes decline in Haryana, could not retain power in Maharashtra and now squarely defeated in Jharkhand, he said.

In a tweet he said: “Dented in Haryana, Denied in Maharashtra, Defeated in Jharkhand. That is the story of the BJP in 2019.

All non-BJP parties must raise their sights and rally around the Congress to save the Constitution of India,” he said on Twitter.


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