Beyhadh 2: Jennifer Winget says ‘This time it is revenge’


Mumbai: TV actor Jennifer Winget, who returns as Maya in the second season of her hit show Beyhadh, has said her character is the same as that in the first season but the premise has been changed. She also talked about her first shot as Maya.

Jennifer said in an interview, “It was in the office. I couldn’t do it right. The makers had to come and tell me that I needed to look stronger; I was blinking my eyes too much but eventually, I did get it right. But, this time because I understand the character better, I am concentrating on doing it better. For this season, I shot the boxing ring shot first and I got it right the first time.”

“We have established the character pretty well now and we did not want it to be repetitive. So, this time, the concentration is more on the story than the character. We have taken traits of Maya from the previous season and taken the thought of her and weaved it into a new story with an agenda. So last time, it was all about her obsession with love, this time it is revenge. So, the obsession part is the same, but the reason for it is different. And when that changes, automatically the way she reacts to things changes. We are aware of the fact that there will be comparisons, so, it is a very thin line we are treading on.”

Asked if she would like to play more roles like Maya, Jennifer said, “Not just because the character is appreciated. When I first the narration of the show, I had said that I have to do this. Whether it works or not, I have to do it because it is very rare that women get opportunities to play a complex character. No awards or rewards, it is just that this beautiful character I have got to play and I will play it again and again.”


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